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EHS Thanksgiving Newsletter


"If you made a list of all the things you could be thankful for, the list would undoubtedly be longer than your misfortunes".- Catherine Pulsifer

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving has been celebrated as a federal holiday every year since 1863, when, during the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of "Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent father who dwelleth in the Heavens," to be celebrated on the last Thursday in November. In the rush towards Christmas, Thanksgiving runs the risk of being an afterthought, when we really need to stop, think about our blessings and be thankful for them.


Did you know?? For thirty years, Writer and Editor Sarah Josepha Hale promoted the idea of a national Thanksgiving Day, contacting President after President until President Abraham Lincoln responded in 1863. Over the next seventy-five years, Presidents followed Lincoln's precedent, annually declaring a national Thanksgiving Day. Then, in 1941, Congress permanently established the fourth Thursday of each November as a national holiday - and the rest is history!


The question is; how do we express our thanks, to whom, and for what? One way is through embracing family and friends, seeing the value in people and their presence in our lives. Material things cannot replace the human connections we need to uplift our spirits. We encourage you to pause in the spirit of Lincoln's proclamation, with Hale's determination, count your blessings and reflect on those before headlong into the rush of the holidays.

With that said, I would like to pause and take the time to thank God for all that he has bestowed on me. Thank you for all of you for your patronage otherwise we would not be here today. Most of all, I am thankful for all the friendships that have been built through the past years and the years to come. It does not stop there I have to thank my wonderful hardworking staff; Dave, Russ, Jack, Dennis, Bill, Jim, Cory, Don, Carmen and Steve, who make EHS what it is today. I have to take another deep breath and thank our show staff; Dave, Lynn, Dan, Ryan, Bill, Melissa, Jim, Chris, George, and Jean. Last but not least, I have to thank all of our past employees and friends who have helped over those 22 years, because I firmly believe without them EHS would not be here today. I am truly blessed!


Of course we are closed Thanksgiving day so our staff can enjoy their families. We will open at our normal time of 9am on Friday. Yes, we will be having some super specials if you want to participate on "Black Friday", but more so on Super Small Business Saturday. I walk a fine line here, I am encouraging you to pause and enjoy the season as mentioned above, yet we want to offer you some super savings on items in our store. If you stop by, make sure you check the incredible closeouts on the back table! For those that are too far away from us, you have an opportunity to take an additional ten percent discount on our website between Friday and Monday. All you need to do is use the promotion code of "Thanksgiving2017" to take advantage of it.


After selling out of most of our DCC inventory at Trainfest, we are now restocked and ready to offer you 20+ years of knowledge behind the sale, which happens to be our clinic topic on Saturday! If you are in the area stop in for a cup of Jo and say hi!

Modelers Tip:

Without going all scientific about diffraction and refraction and how light affects our perception of colors, here's a tip on getting good color when you're painting your valuable models. This primarily applies to airbrushing, but the concept holds true for any painting you do.


Painting certain colors is a challenge, because the amount of pigment in the paint is quite variable. From sad experience, the appearance of colors like white, yellow and orange (and even some darker colors) can be quite disappointing when applied over even a light colored primer. This can be especially true if you're doing a light colored separating stripe after finishing the main colors, since it will overlap both where they meet.


When painting a light or transparent color, consider a thin undercoat of white before laying down the finish color. You'll be amazed at what a difference this makes. To get white to really pop, we've actually put down a coat of silver first. The difference is well worth the extra time and effort, and it sure beats having to start over! And all of this is why we preach thinning your paint; you can always spray on more, but if it's too thick and still shows the sub-colors you're in a sad place. We want you to be a happy, courageous airbrush artist.


Our clinics continue on Tuesdays at 6:30pm and 1pm on Saturdays. As always, your input for the topics you would like to see would be greatly appreciated. Let us know what you want us to cover.


Saturday November 25, DCC Decoder Install

Tuesday November 28,Coupling and Uncoupling with Kadee Couplers

Saturday December 2,Geodesic Foam Rock with Chic Hartert

Tuesday December 5,Layout Wiring

Saturday December 9,ABCs of DCC

Tuesday December 12,DCC Programming

Saturday December 16,Wood Structures

Tuesday December 19,TBD

Saturday December 23,How to Use an Airbrush

Tuesday December 26,Locomotive & Freight Car Tune-ups

Saturday December 30,Modelers Expo, Show Us What You Have!


Broadway Limited

N NYC Steel Box Car

Preorders Due By 11/30/17

Click Here for Details

Four Pack MSRP $99.99, EHS Preorder $85.00

Single MSRP $29.99, EHS Preorder $25.50

187-3658 4pk Corgtd End Pre 55 Ltr

187-3659 4pk Corgtd End Post 55 Ltr

187-3660 4pk Dreadnght End Pre 55 Ltr

187-3661 4pk Dreadnght End Post 55 Ltr

187-3662 4pk Corgtd End Pre 55 Ltr

187-3663 4pk Corgtd End Post 55 Ltr

187-3664 4pk Corgtd End Undec

187-3665 Corgtd End Pre 55 Ltr

187-3666 Corgtd End Post 55 Ltr

187-3667 Dreadnght End Pre 55 Ltr

187-3668 Dreadnght End Post 55 Ltr


Atlas N Scale

N GP30

Preorder Due By 12/5/17

MSRP $129.99, EHS Preorder $91.00

Click Here for Details

LokSound Equiped MSRP $239.95, EHS Preorder $168.00

150-40003749 PH1 Undecorated w/ nose Headlight

150-40003750 PH1 Undecorated w/o nose Headlight

150-40003751 PH1 KCS Small Logo #4103

150-40003752 PH1 KCS Small Logo #4106

150-40003753 PH1 KCS Small Logo #4112

150-40003754 PH1 Rio Grande #3001

150-40003755 PH1 Rio Grande #3002

150-40003756 PH1 BN #2226

150-40003757 PH1 BN #2235

150-40003758 PH1 BN #2246

150-40003759 PH1 B&O #6944

150-40003760 PH1 B&O #6969

150-40003761 PH1 B&O #6972

150-40002432 PH2 Undecorated w/ Nose Heaadlight

150-40002433 PH2 Undecorated w/o Nose Heaadlight

150-40003762 PH2 Reading & Northern #2535

150-40003763 PH2 PRR #2198

150-40003764 PH2 PRR #2219

150-40003765 PH2 PRR #2234

150-40003766 PH2 UP #716

150-40003767 PH2 UP #730

150-40003768 PH2 UP #735

150-40003769 PH2 Rio Grande #3027

150-40003770 PH1 DCC/SND KCS Small Logo #4103

150-40003771 PH1 DCC/SND KCS Small Logo #4106

150-40003772 PH1 DCC/SND KCS Small Logo #4112

150-40003773 PH1 DCC/SND Rio Grande #3001

150-40003774 PH1 DCC/SND Rio Grande #3002

150-40003775 PH1 DCC/SND BN #2226

150-40003776 PH1 DCC/SND BN #2235

150-40003777 PH1 DCC/SND BN #2246

150-40003778 PH1 DCC/SND B&O #6944

150-40003779 PH1 DCC/SND B&O #6969

150-40003780 PH1 DCC/SND B&O #6972

150-40003781 PH2 DCC/SND Reading & Northern #2535

150-40003782 PH2 DCC/SND PRR #2198

150-40003783 PH2 DCC/SND PRR #2219

150-40003784 PH2 DCC/SND PRR #2234

150-40003785 PH2 DCC/SND UP #716

150-40003786 PH2 DCC/SND UP #730

150-40003787 PH2 DCC/SND UP #735

150-40003788 PH2 DCC/SND Rio Grande #3027


N 50ft Precision Design Boxcar

MSRP $25.95, EHS Preorder $18.50

Undecorated MSRP 19.95, EHS Preorder $14.50

Click Here for Details

150-50003918 SS Undecorated

150-50003919 SS MKT 2046

150-50003920 SS MKT 2083

150-50003921 SS L&N 102734

150-50003993 SS L&N 102913

150-50003994 SS IC 11360

150-50003995 SS IC 11378

150-50001284 Rib Side Undecorated

150-50003996 RS CSX ex CR NYC Patch 208017

150-50003997 RS CSX ex CR NYC Patch 208036

150-50003998 RS CSX ex CR NYC Patch 166305

150-50003999 RS Conrail 166556

150-50004001 RS Conrail 167956

150-50004002 RS Frisco 42137

150-50004003 RS Frisco 42482

150-50004004 RS BN 214318

150-50004005 RS BN 214583

150-50004006 RS Chessie WM 35182

150-50004007 RS Chessie WM 35263


N 53ft Well Car

MSRP 34.95, EHS Preorder $24.50

Undecorated MSRP 24.95, EHS Preorder $17.50

Click Here for Details

150-50003947 Undecorated

150-50003948 FEC #71131

150-50003949 FEC #71143

150-50003950 FEC #71150

150-50003951 FEC #71168

150-50003952 FEC #71175

150-50003953 FEC #71184

150-50003954 TTX #469539

150-50003955 TTX #471602

150-50003956 TTX #471619

150-50003957 TTX #471631

150-50003958 TTX #471633

150-50003959 TTX #471664

150-50003960 St. Marys RW West #210250

150-50003961 St. Marys RW West #210301

150-50003962 St. Marys RW West #210315

150-50003963 St. Marys RW West #210429

150-50003964 St. Marys RW West #210523

150-50003965 St. Marys RW West #210566


N 53ft Container 3pk

MSRP $36.95, EHS Preorder $26.00


150-50003982 Undecorated

150-50003983 EMP UP #1

150-50003984 EMP UP #2

150-50003985 EMP UP #3

150-50003986 HUB NS Set #1

150-50003987 HUB NS Set #2

150-50003988 HUB NS Set #3

150-50003989 UMAX UMXU Set #1

150-50003990 UMAX UMXU Set #2

150-50003991 UMAX UMXU Set #3


Atlas HO Scale

HO Code 100 Custom Line Curved Turnout

MSRP 24.95, EHS Preorder $17.50

Click Here for HO Details

150-287 Left Hand

150-288 Right Left Hand


HO 50ft Precision Design Boxcar

MSRP 36.95, EHS Preorder $26.00

Undecorated MSRP 28.95, EHS Preorder $20.50

150-20004748 SS Undecorated

150-20004749 SS MKT 2046

150-20004750 SS MKT 2083

150-20004751 SS L&N #102734

150-20004752 SS L&N #102913

150-20004753 SS IC #11360

150-20004754 SS IC #11378

150-20001978 RS Undecorated

150-20004755 RS CSX Ex CR/NYC #208017

150-20004756 RS CSX Ex CR/NYC #208036

150-20004757 RS CSX Ex CR/NYC #166305

150-20004758 RS Conrail #166556

150-20004759 RS Conrail #167956

150-20004760 RS Frisco #42137

150-20004761 RS Frisco #42482

150-20004762 RS BN #214318

150-20004763 RS BN#214583

150-20004764 RS Chessie WM #35182

150-20004765 RS Chessie WM #35263


HO 40ft Wood Reefer

MSRP 42.95, EHS Preorder $30.00

Undecorated MSRP 33.95, EHS Preorder $24.00

150-20003086 Undecorated

150-20004734 Yes Bananas #5177

150-20004735 Yes Bananas #5905

150-20004736 Jelke Good Luck Products #3543

150-20004737 Jelke Good Luck Products #3547

150-20004738 Multibestos/ Gold Seal #101

150-20004739 Multibestos/ Gold Seal #104

150-20004740 URTX SOO Line #50052

150-20004741 URTX SOO Line #50073

150-20004742 American Refrigerated Transit #244

150-20004743 American Refrigerated Transit #247

150-20004744 North Western Refrigerator Line #6087

150-20004745 North Western Refrigerator Line #6126

150-20004746 New Haven Ice Service #60

150-20004747 New Haven Ice Service #63



N Bay Window Caboose

Preorders Due by 12/8/17

MSRP $39.95, EHS Preorder $31.00

Click Here for Details

188-40010 Conrail b/w #21204

188-40011 Conrail b/w #21286

188-40020 NYC jade cigar band #21039

188-40021 NYC jade cigar band #21047

188-41010 EL m/g #C307

188-41011 EL m/g #C349

188-41020 Southern r/y X336

188-41021 Southern r/y X397

188-42010 C&NW y/g #1031

188-42011 C&NW y/g #10353

188-42020 C&EI r/b #38

188-42021 C&EI r/b #36

188-43010 WP mr/y #348

188-43011 WP mr/y #445

188-43020 NKP r/w/b #452

188-43021 NKP r/w/b #499

188-44010 RI r/w/y #17124

188-44011 RI r/w/y #17170

188-44020 UP What do we do? #24515

188-44021 UP What do we do? #24599

188-44030 L&N r/y #6426

188-44031 L&N r/y #6473

188-44040 D&H y/g/b #35720

188-44041 D&H y/g/b #35727


HO corrugated trailers

Preorders Due by 12/23/17

MSRP $31.95, EHS Preorder $25.00

ETA November 2018

Click Here for Details

744-802251 Santa Fe reefer #1

744-802252 Santa Fe reefer #2

744-802253 Santa Fe reefer #3

744-802291 Southern Pacific reefer #1

744-802292 Southern Pacific reefer #2

744-802293 Southern Pacific reefer #3

744-802461 Pacific Fruit Express reefer #1

744-802462 Pacific Fruit Express reefer #2

744-802463 Pacific Fruit Express reefer #3

744-802541 Bud of California reefer #1

744-802542 Bud of California reefer #2

744-802543 Bud of California reefer #3

744-802551 Sunkist reefer #1

744-802552 Sunkist reefer #2

744-802553 Sunkist reefer #3

744-802571 City Market van #1

744-802572 City Market van #2

744-802573 City Market van #3

744-802581 Alpha Beta reefer #1

744-802582 Alpha Beta reefer #2

744-802583 Alpha Beta reefer #3

744-802811 Kroger reefer #1

744-802812 Kroger reefer #2

744-802813 Kroger reefer #3

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