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About Us

EngineHouse Services, LLC was established in 1995 to help Model Railroad enthusiasts enjoy the hobby to a greater degree. After providing the local enthusiast service at Paul’s “secret shop” for several years, it was decided that opening a retail store could serve them even better.

We have been at our current location since August 2002, which was expanded in 2006, since we have grown each year since inception. Unlike the mainstream hobby store or the Internet sites that just sell a product, EHS provides unique quality products and services that will "satisfy your addiction" and you can always find somebody at the store willing to help. The staff at our store are Model Railroad enthusiasts themselves, ranging from the old steam days to the up to date modern equipment, so they can relate to your needs and give you the personalized attention you deserve.

Our product line caters to modelers that are looking for quality products at competitive prices; we even try to find those items that hobby stores typically do not carry! In fact, if we cannot find specific items we create products that are missing from the marketplace. We specialize in HO, N and G Gauge.

Our award winning custom services can help you turn your modeling dreams into reality. Bottom line; we sell fun, not frustration!